YMHA strives to enrich the lives of our residents by providing educational and life style programs tailored to youth, families and seniors. YMHA provides its residents with a variety of services that promotes and develops jobs and life skills. We have launched programs to facilitate resident self-sufficiency.


Resident Services

Economic development at YMHA is more than bricks and mortar. It’s also about investing in the people we serve. YMHA’s Resident Services team offers our residents a wide variety of training services and programs to help them gain valuable skills and achieve self-sufficiency. These include social programming for seniors and life skills workshops to meet the needs of the population we serve.

Family Self – Sufficiency (FSS)

The FSS program helps families in YMHA properties, as well as participants of the Housing Choice Voucher Program, take the steps to find and maintain employment and establish a savings account called (Escrow). Once an eligible family is selected to participate in the program, the PHA and the head of each family will execute a FSS contract of participation that specifies the rights and responsibilities of both parties. The term of the FSS contract is generally 5 years, but it may be extended for another 2 years by the PHA for good cause.  

Community Partners

YMHA partners with local organizations to provide residents with education, training and employment opportunities. YMHA collaborates with 35 area supportive service agencies.

Resident Employment

YMHA collaborates with area employers such as Ohio Jobs Means and educational institutions like Youngstown State University, Eastern Gateway Community College, Academy of Urban Scholars and nursing programs. These partners provide career readiness workshops, employment exploration leading to full-time or part-time jobs. Partnerships are built on a pathway that leads to higher skills/education which ultimately leads to employment.

Elderly/Disabled Services 

YMHA coordinates services to assist elderly and/disabled residents maintain their independence by establishing links with community service agencies to further assist in their independence. We address social and recreational needs, including education of health care.  Our partnerships provide onsite services that support the elderly residents’ supportive needs on a monthly basis. 

Youth Programming

YMHA offers educational and developmental programs for young residents to help them succeed in life. YMHA holds events with children in mind throughout the year. These include youth programs such as:

After school program activities on site. 

YMCA sponsored activities. 

Summer feeding program. 

Art classes.

Fun Days sponsored by area partners.

Academy for Urban Scholars educational life skills/ Computer classes. 

Girl Scouts of America on all 4 family sites.