Answer: All applicants must complete a Pre-Application for placement on a property’s Waiting List. These are available in English or Spanish.

Answer: Contact the Property Manager where you are currently living to request a transfer and find out more information about the process.

Answer: Contact the Property Manager for your residence and request a Work Order. Make sure you request a Work Order number so you can track the status of your request.

Answer: YMHA has security cameras installed at several properties. There is also a 24 hour Criminal Activity Hotline that you may call at (330)744-2161, ext. 6723 to report  complaints and the Youngstown Police Department monitors properties in Youngstown regularly.
Answer: YMHA has a Pet Policy for family/elderly developments.
Answer: Contact the Property Manager for a definitive time frame.
Answer: Furniture is not supplied. For appliances, the agency provides a stove and refrigerator.
Answer: Yes however speak with your Property Manager prior to painting.
Answer: YMHA pays for all utilities.
Answer: Once a family attends the application appointment, the process can take up to 30 days.
Answer: Applications are submitted online and available in English or Spanish.
Answer: Anyone 18 years of age or older.
Answer: Anyone 50 years of age or older. For applicants interested in residing at Lowellville Park Apartments, this property is not Public Housing and requirements are different. Applicants must be 55 years of age or older and disabled or 62 years old.
Answer: In some cases, the Property Manager may allow an applicant to pay the security deposit over several months.
Answer: If you disagree with a YMHA determination, you have the right to request an Informal Hearing. Your denial letter will have instructions on how to request an Informal Hearing.
Answer: You should report any changes in your family composition or income to YMHA. A change in your family size or income may affect your current rent. YMHA will also want to be sure that your residence is large enough for your family. If it is not large enough, then you will have to transfer to a unit that will accommodate your family.
Answer: Contact your Property Manager to complete the necessary screening process.
Answer: Yes, the minimum rent is $50 per month.
Answer: Yes, per HUD guidelines.
Answer: YMHA does not have emergency housing for the Public Housing program. YMHA does have an Emergency Housing Voucher Program. This program operates in collaboration with the Mahoning County Continuum of Care (CoC). YMHA receives direct referrals from the CoC and will schedule referrals as soon as possible to determine if the applicant qualifies for an emergency housing voucher. Contact the CoC directly at (330)746-7721 for information on whether you may qualify to be referred to YMHA.