Answer: Applications can be submitted when the Waiting List opens. The Waiting List is currently closed. Please periodically check this website for information about the availability of future application submissions.

Answer: YMHA is unable to estimate when the Waiting List will open again. It was last opened for applications June 1, 2021 – June 7, 2021.

Answer: Yes.
Answer: Yes. You can be employed and submit an application for entry into a random, computer lottery drawing for placement on the Waiting List.
Answer: Yes, a Public Housing resident may submit an application. They will have an equal chance of being selected in the lottery for placement on the Waiting List as all other entrants. Once on the Waiting List, a Public Housing resident is subject to the same qualifications as anyone else on the Waiting List.
Answer: Yes. Residency in Mahoning County is not required to submit an application for placement on the Waiting List. However, those who are not already residents must lease a unit in Mahoning County for the first year they are in the program.
Answer: No. Only electronic applications will be accepted.
Answer: A family does not need to own a computer to submit an application. Any device with Internet access can be used, whether it belongs to a relative, friend or caseworker. You can also use any available computer at public locations such as public libraries.
Answer: No. Once the Waiting List closes, the HCVP will conduct a random computer draw of all applications and place them on the Waiting List. Once the family reaches the top of the Waiting List and as vouchers become available, the family will be scheduled for an application appointment to determine eligibility.
Answer: Only one application will be accepted.

Answer: You can visit the website for helpful information, but the application will not be available for completion and submission until the Waiting List opens.

Answer: No. The order in which applications are received does not affect an applicant’s chance to be selected for the Waiting List or placement on it. Every completed application submitted according to the website’s instructions will be entered in the lottery drawing. Selection will be done by a random computer drawing so all applicant’s have an equal chance of being selected.

Answer: Applicants will need to provide name, address, date of birth, social security number and general income information for all household members.

Answer: Approximately 5 to 15 minutes, depending on the number of family members in the household.

Answer: No. Your application submission is for a chance to be placed on the Waiting List if the application is selected in the random computer drawing.

Answer: Yes, the Public Housing Waiting List is open.

Answer: A pre-application can be submitted online in either English or Spanish.

Answer: Technical assistance is available by calling YMHA at (330)742-1437.

Answer: Seniors may submit an application, like anyone else. But if a senior needs assistance, they can call (330)742-1437 and assistance will be provided.

Answer: Persons with disabilities may submit an application, like anyone else. But if a person with a disability needs assistance, they can call (330)742-1437 and assistance will be provided. Persons with hearing disabilities can obtain additional assistance through the Ohio Relay line.

Answer: Applications for placement on the Waiting List will be selected via a lottery, a random computer draw from among all the applications received while the Waiting List is open.

Answer: When the Waiting List opens, the number of applications to be selected will be posted at that time.

Answer:The YMHA HCV program will send letters to all applicants placed on the Waiting List. In addition, lists of the confirmation numbers will be posted on the HCV Waiting List Lottery Results.

Answer: If your application is not selected, your name cannot be placed on the HCV Program Waiting List. You are welcome to submit an application when the Waiting List opens again.